SDU Scribble Overview

We currently have 2 versions of SDU Scribble online.

System Requirements

These system requirements apply to all Scribble versions:


UPDATE (21-07-2014): The problems with Java should no longer exist with the new Scribble 2.2 build. If the problems still persist, please follow the description below.

UPDATE (16-01-2014): You are likely to experience problems trying to run Scribble after updating Java to Java SE 7u51. A quick fix to the problem is to add the address to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel. The procedure is described in details here (in Danish). Please contact the Servicedesk ( / 6550 2990) if you are still encountering problems with Scribble.

Below we list some problems you might encounter with Scribble and their solutions. The described problems apply to all Scribble versions. For more detailed troubleshooting specific to one version, we refer to the individual pages.